Painting Pumpkins

Paint, I think, would be best.

Acrylics are nice and come in a variety of colors, tints and shades. Volumes from one ounce bottles to railroad tanker cars are available to suit the project being undertaken. In a pinch, Finger nail polish, which is generally acrylic, may be substituted. In any event what artist would not tear up upon finding acrylics in his (or her) Christmas stocking?

Finger paints might also be appropriate, even if the artist paints with his feet, or by releasing worms on the canvas. The appellation “finger” in “finger paints” is just a convenient anachronism to provide a familiar frame of reference for vividly colored pigments which cave men, children, and the modern artist know just precisely how to use best. And so do you! Just wrap up a set and sent it to your favorite Rembrandt!

Lipstick is of course nothing more than a somewhat thicker finger paint that you paint on your lips, using your fingers. It is also nice for artistic renderings on mirrors or the inside of windshields or for penning ransom notes in a pinch. You can buy a lot of expensive looking lipstick very cheaply, which makes it an ideal present for the budding Picasso in your life.

Krylon, who can beat it? Put a tagger in your tank with a case of Krylon spray paint. In just a few nights every overpass, subway car, bridge abutment, warehouse wall, church, synagogue and mosque will be gaily festooned with the fruit of your own little artist’s labors. You will be so glad you gave the gift that keeps on giving, a case of Krylon spray paints.

Rustoleum, ahhh Rustoleum! What is as invigorating as the smell of Rustoleum in the morning! It smells like victory over rust.

And what is more versatile than Rustoleum? The artist can paint a car, an iron bar, a wrought iron gate, a silver plate, a razors edge, a splitting wedge; he (or she) may guild the lily, or colorize Aunt Tilly.

And what about painting festive holiday pumpkins? If your favorite gifted artist uses his (or her) recently gifted Rustoleum to paint Halloween pumpkins there is nothing more to say. Heat may wilt those pumpkins, cold discolor them, kindly neighborhood children smash them, bears may eat them however one thing is for certain. Those pumpkins will never rust.

Dutch Boy! Lazon! Need one say more than Benjamin Moore?

Paint! It’s what you give an artist.