Passing the Clep

The College Level Examination Program, also more commonly known as, The CLEP, is a great inexpensive way to earn college credit, and for many, take care of prerequisite courses.  For around one hundred dollars (Depending on the course, and location of the student) interested parties can get all the books that are needed, and pay to take the exam.  This is significantly less expensive than actually taking a college course at any school across the country.  This is, of course, assuming that the student passes the test on the very first try.  Granted, a second or even third attempt is still going to cost less than half of what the actual course would cost even at the cheapest schools in America.  So, with the confidence to know that failure once is not the end, let us proceed with how to ensure that success is achieved the very first time.

Get a book.  Better, get two books.  To study for the exam, one should acquire an actual college text book in addition to a CLEP specific exam preparation book.  The college text book doesn’t necessarily have to be the newest edition (though certain courses might be better suited to be totally up to date) and can easily be purchased online cheaply.  One should not have to pay more than twenty dollars for one of these, and an astute purchaser can probably do it for less than ten, with delivery.  The CLEP examination book does not need to be new either, but when purchasing a used one, be sure that there is a practice exam disc of some sort, and that it works.

Spend an appropriate amount of time studying.  A good rule of thumb is to spend a semester’s worth of time going over all the information that could be on the test.  Reading a little bit three or four times a week over the course of two months is going to better prepare one, than to cram it all in a week before the exam.  Once a good broad overview of the course is known, it is time to go to the CLEP specific book.  Read through any areas that might be weak spots, and then take a practice exam.

Take the practice exams seriously.  Use the appropriate amount of time, and take the test with no distractions.  This will give a good idea of what areas are strengths and weaknesses, as well as what score might be expected.  Use the results to shape future studying.  Be sure to take at least two, and preferably three or four exams before doing the real thing.

Guess.  When taking the real exam, there are going to be tons of multiple choice questions.  Unlike the SATs, the CLEP exams do not try to trick anyone, mostly.  There is no penalty for guessing, so narrow down the choices, then pick which one just sounds the best.  A few lucky guesses here and there might be the difference between pass and fail.