Perfect Items for a College Care Package

Creating the perfect care package for a college student is contingent upon the student his or her self and the needs of that person. There are some generalized items that all people need, regardless of the individual’s level of foresight.  Most college students do forget some item of need or another, but despite whether or not the items provided in the care package are duplicates of items checked off of some mental list created by the student, common personal care items can always be used.

Things that can always be used while still fitting in a care package are, but not limited to, antiperspirant, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush, comb, nail clippers, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, as well as hair spray and moose or hair gel, bath wash, and cologne or perfume. Other ideas that are good for college care packages are small containers of laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and dryer sheets. Those should have most of the hygienic needs covered.

Other things to consider for a care package have more to do with the needs the student will have in everyday life as a student that he or she might not have considered for his or her self. Things that might prove to be useful and so far forgotten are, but not limited to, pens, pencils, high lighters, loose leaf paper, spiral notebooks, memo pads, binders of various sizes, folders, and other class supply items. It is hard for an individual to remember to pack everything needed for college. This for most people is the first time out of the home they grew up in and can be a bit overwhelming. Other people get so caught up in the excitement of moving out and getting started in his or her own life that the thought of the sheer needs of the endeavor he or she is embarking upon. Whatever the case may be, there are usually some items that do not quite make it into the luggage for the journey into adult hood.

Whichever type of care package you decide to send to the college student in your life, the one thing to keep in mind is to put things of use into the package. It does not matter if the person receiving the package has two or three or even more of the items already, they will eventually get used. Just having extra on hand is a way for a young adult to save money in an already expensive situation. Pack your selection of items knowing that they will be put to good use and appreciated, even if the college student is too inundated to recognize the need for the items at the time of receipt.