Planning for College Understanding the Big Picture

Going to college is the start of a journey that plays a significant part in shaping your future. It is an exciting trip, and one that will be unlike any other that you take in your life because it is a time of exploration and self-discovery.

Preparing for this trip will take some thought and reflection in determining where it is that you hope to go. Along the way you’ll likely take some scenic and wonderful routes and probably experience some bumpy ones along the way too.

You can help minimize those bumps by obtaining an understanding of what exactly the “big picture” is in going to college. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a non-traditional thinking about taking the plunge back into school, making the decision to go to college is a momentous one.

If you come to the conclusion that college is the path you want to take, you’ll start the application processes and quickly realize that exams and entrance packets are only a small component of what’s entailed in pursuit of higher education.

Planning for college shouldn’t be rash, after all this is the first stint of the journey that will lead you to your destination to a place where you’ll meet your goals and aspirations.

Giving it some careful thought will help guide you to making good decisions in paving the way to the future. Preparation for college takes a lot of self-evaluation, but that doesn’t mean you have to plan every last detail of your college career immediately.

Once you’re registered and going to class, you’ll see campus life is also comprised of books, lectures, tests, extra-curriculars, and social life. The day to day activities are important to achieving college success, but part of the larger picture is seeing how all the smaller pieces such as attending classes, taking tests, and writing papers fit in the overall picture.

What does college mean beyond the day to day activities?

While you may not have a firm plan in place, having some goals and objectives to strive for in planning your degree program helps you plot your course.

In planning your class schedule every semester, keep in mind the ultimate destination in where you want to go. Each course will be a milestone towards reaching your destination. It’s OK to take some detours as you plan your educational journey as this is part of the growing process; this ultimately shapes who you are.

This is the larger picture, not the algebra class, Composition and Literature, or not even Western Civilization, these are only but portions of your journey that bring you to the future. What’s important is that you realize the scope of the excursion you’ve undertaken and understand what it’s all supposed to mean and where you want it to lead you to.

The knowledge you’ll receive in college puts a spin on how you perceive yourself and the world around you. This ultimately shapes who you are as your strive towards your future. This is the big picture.