Praise for Community Colleges

About three or four months left to go before Summer waves envelop us in its hot embrace. We are exercising and buffing up to show off those perfectly sculpted bodies and a friend or family member comes up to you and say: ” So, you’re going to a Community College, eh?”

You know you have two options: a) argue about it or b) arm yourself with knowledge of the expenses you will accrue over time attending a major University. The problem is that in the past ten years tuition, plus room and board expenses have risen to about 31%(Daily Press). Unless you are blessed to be born to the Donald Trump family; where will you get that $40,000 odd dollars to attend the precious University your parents want you to go? One good option is Community College. If you are a recent high school graduate or a working adult looking to further your education, this is a wise choice to make, considering you’re cutting the cost to attend school by two years! Here’s how it works: You attend a Community College for two years, then switch over those credits to a University of your choice, and only pay half the cost, saving you a bundle.

Everett Orr of Orr financial Planning says: ” The feeling of the middle class is rooted in the belief that we want our children to go to the very best schools, no matter the cost and then ultimately they go into debt.” Many people like myself, have attended a Community College, and I can say confidently that I saved loads of money and the education was stellar because the professors have Masters degrees and Doctorate Degrees, they are always looking for you(because you are more than a number) and the textbooks are pretty much the same as a University’s books. So put your money where your pride is-try Community College.