Praxis Praxis Art Content Knowledge Study Tips for Praxis Art Exam Teacher Certification Exam

In order to be certified as an art teacher in many states, you must pass the Praxis Art Content Knowledge exam. The score you need to pass this exam varies from state to state and ranges from 139 to 161. You have two hours to write the exam, which consists of 120 multiple choice questions.

 You may think that since you don’t have to write an essay, it will be a very simple task to pass this exam, but the questions are worded so that they really test your knowledge on three main categories, which are:

Traditions in Art, Architecture, Design and the Making of Artifacts Art Criticism and Aesthetics The Making of Art

It is important to pay attention to the percentage of questions on the test that come from each of these categories.

The bulk of questions on the Praxis Art Content Knowledge exam come from the third category and make up 39% of the test. There are about 47 of the 120 questions related to the competencies of this category. The knowledge you have about the traditions of art, architecture, design and the making of artifacts will help you answer the 43 questions for this category that make up about 36% of the test. Even though only 25% of the test is devoted to art criticism and aesthetics, this amounts to about 1 out of every 4 multiple choice questions and you do need to make sure you study all these aspects.

When you start studying for the Praxis Art Content Knowledge teacher certification exam, you should balance out your time based on these percentages so that you do give the right amount of study time to each one. Take a look at the competencies outlined for the exam and test yourself on your knowledge. Are you able to provide detailed answers to satisfy the requirements of each one.

For example, you need to be very knowledgeable about the vocabulary associated with the specific elements of art and artwork and be able to identify the various periods in which works of art were created. As you refresh your knowledge based on the courses you took in university for your degree, you should also take notes and make up possible multiple choice questions to test yourself as you go along.

Take sample Praxis art exams to see how well you do. You do have to record your answers to the questions and compare them with the correct answers in order to compute your score. While you will not be able to arrive at the type of score that you will receive when you take the actual test, you will arrive at a percent score that will tell you how you are doing with your studies.