Preparing for AP Exams

How to prepare for an Advanced Placement, AP, exam?  It sounds trite, but the main answer is to study.  Advanced Placement exams measure what you already know and are an indicator of if you need to take a course or should either be exempted of moved to a higher level. The more one knows the better one will do on and AP exam and, for most people, the more one studies a field the more one will know!  The simple answer on how to prepare for an AP exam is to know the subject  and that means to study.  What is the best way to study and how much studying is needed might be the real questions!

One definite thing to do is to get “back to basics” books and read them.  Go with the basics and fundamentals, that is the secret to gaining all knowledge, understand the principles.  This should be done several months in advance of the AP exam and even if you already know the subject.  Just scan the beginner books first to remind yourself of the basics.  It will go quickly and increase the strength of your foundation.

Once you have a strong foundation, build upon it, get the more complex literature of search the Internet and read more complex stuff.  Take your time, but build up until you get to areas you no longer feel comfortable with, stuff you don’t know.  Now step back and find out what you missed, then fill in the holes and move on with the information.  Remember, the AP exam is to determine where you are in relationship to the subject and to position you so you can have the best chance to gain new knowledge.  Trying to skip something because you do not understand it will not help you do well!

Once you have learned as much as you can, and that should be done several months before the exam, test yourself!  Go to the store or on-line and get sample AP exams  and take them.  This does two things, it shows you your weaknesses and it get you familiar with the testing procedure.  Knowing your weaknesses will give you new areas to study and strengthen your knowledge base.  Familiarizing yourself with the exam style will relax you better.

Being relaxed when you take the exam is equally as important.  Eat a good meal before the test and get a good night’s sleep.  This will help the blood to flow and the brain to function so you can better express your self and use that knowledge you are trying to demonstrate.  Never overlook the importance of a rested, mind that has been well-fed to operate at optimum efficiency!

That is how to prepare for an AP exam!