Preparing for Essay Exam

Of all the different exams available out there, writing an essay can be considered to be one of the easiest one. This is possibly true next to true or false test and multiple choice wherein you can fairly guess if you really don’t know the answer. Why say easy? An essay is not an objective test wherein there is a specific correct or wrong answer. An essay is subjective that no one can really say if your opinion is right or wrong. Just like in a debate, either way can be correct, your views are fairly true based on your own beliefs. If you know how to explain and defend your opinion, chances are you will be able to write a really good essay.

Students usually get scared of essay tests because they can be overwhelming at times in the sense that you have to explain lengthily a certain topic. But actually when studying for the exam, you don’t really need to memorize verbatim the meaning and definition of terms. What is important is for you to understand and comprehend the summary and gist of it. Knowing the central idea and the essence of the subject matter will allow you to write an essay about it. All you have to do is elaborate a little, support your idea, and explain how you interpret what is being asked. Using the exact words that is written in your book is not necessary if you were asked to define a certain thing. Explaining it in your own words is the way to do it and writing it in the way that your reader will easily understand what you want to say based on your views. Try to translate in terms that are easily understandable and don’t use highfalutin words just to impress your reader.

The night before the exam, try to avoid staying out late attending parties and just try to sleep early. This will help you feel freshened and relax in the morning. Also, having a healthy breakfast can actually help you in thinking clearly during the test. The most important thing to remember is to never panic or freak out during an essay exam or any exam for that matter. If you start to be anxious, there is a possibility for you to have a mental block and that’s when the problem might occur.

Essay exams shouldn’t be intimidating. You can actually take the opportunity to practice and perfect your written communication skills when taking them. With the correct preparation and knowledge of the subject matter, essay writing should be a breeze.