Preparing for the Expectations of Graduate School

Your success in graduate school will depend on how well you understand the expectations for this level of education. The demands on scholastic quality are much higher in graduate school. Your department has accepted you into a program that is probably extremely competitive and they expect you to be successful.

The expectation for meticulous organization is a priority in graduate school. If you have never been an organized person up to this point, it is important that you learn. You will be expected to manage your own time and stay on top of all priorities and deadlines.

Calendars with clearly marked due dates for every paper and project will help you be aware of what you need to be working on. There are so many more projects and papers required that it can become extremely confusing. Make sure you exercise strict time management.

To fulfill the expectations of a heavy workload, create a comfortable and easily accessible space that is conducive to fulfilling your academic requirements. Your desk should be large enough to hold all your notes and research so you can get to it easily. You are expected to have a computer that is fully operational and won’t crash during an important project.

Becoming knowledgeable of your university library and all its resources is also an important part of fulfilling the expectations of graduate school. Make certain you take advantage of any library orientations or tours that are offered. Acquaint yourself fully with all online research sites. These sites are a wonderful resource your library offers and will prove to be indispensable to the success of your research.

Adapt a more resourceful way of approaching your degree. Graduate students are always expected to behave like adults and must be prepared to find what they need in order to succeed. Your faculty is a resource for questions but they aren’t there to baby-sit you as you pursue your degree. Get to know your campus well so you know where to go to find what you need.

Graduate school is the level of education where real career training occurs. You will be expected to conduct yourself with as professional an attitude as possible. The faculty you work with could very well end up being your colleagues in the future. Get to know them in a professional manner. They present excellent networking opportunities and will always be there, even after graduation, to answer questions and assist you.

Graduate school can be one of the most creatively stimulating times in your life. Be aware of its high expectations and prepare yourself to embrace the work you’ll be asked to do. When you graduate you will walk away with a package of important tools to help you achieve your career goals.