Professors is a website that allows students to rate their college professors, based on experiences with them. It’s one of the more popular websites where professors can read comments from their fellow students, and know how they’re doing. There are more than 1.8 million professors from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom who received feedback at the website. lets college students sign up for a free account, and then they can go ahead and share their experience with a professor. After logging in, they need to type their professor’s name or college/university in a search bar. If the professor’s name isn’t listed, they can just add the name to the website.

The rating system

The students can rate in several different ways. uses a five-star rating system for each category: Easiness, helpfulness, clarity, interest before taking the class, and textbook use. So for example, if the students feel they were able to ace through assignments and exams without struggling, they can give the easiness category at least three out of five stars. And if they are satisfied with the help from the professor, they will perhaps give the helpfulness category a score five out of five.

Leaving feedback

Finally, the students need to provide the course code before leaving a short feedback for the professor. Of course, their feedback is entirely up to them and it’s based on their own personal experience. Again, the feedback must be brief, but it can be informative enough to let readers know how the professor teaches for the course.

When providing the feedback, the students need to be as specific as possible. They are welcome to give a positive or negative comment about their professor regarding to the lectures, coursework, availability of help, and difficulty. A feedback may be something like this: This professor is awesome…he is very kind and always willing to help outside of class. But no offensive comments are allowed, and the website even lets the professor respond to the students’ comments.

Top colleges and universities

Another feature has is its list of top-rated colleges and universities. This may be useful for oncoming freshmen who are looking for a college. The list’s ratings are based on the students’ opinions regarding to campus life, campus activities, location, and much more.

Be aware of false feedback

Probably one disadvantage of the site is that not all of the feedback is reliable. Everyone is different, and some students log on to mention something that isn’t necessarily true about their professor. In this case, it could be considered a rant just because they didn’t get the grade they were hoping for.

Overall, is a fun website to share opinions on college professors. It’s useful to know ahead of time how the classes are like before taking them. Professors can see for themselves how well they’re doing reading the comments online, and decide whether to improve their teaching etiquettes for the sake of the students.