Professors and Student Learning AIDS – Yes

Laptops in the classroom can be very beneficial to students and aid their learning. Each of us learn differently whether it be verbally or visually; however, having a laptop in a classroom is not a bad thing. Students at times get bored and may decide to surf the net but also take notes. Laptops provide students with the ability to research the lecture to get further information if they don’t understand and take notes. It is quicker to type then it is to write by hand but both skills are good to have. The ability to research teaches and improves students analytic skills which in most careers you need. Professors should allow their students to bring laptops into the class because it aids in the learning process.

There have been a number of newspaper articles stating that laptops are being restricted because some students are choosing to not use them productively. Not all professors allow laptops into their classrooms because they see it as a distraction, a way to break free from the learning. Though some students have admitted to using their time productively and surfing the net for subjects not related to the lecture. If some students use their laptops appropriately and need them to aid their learning, then it is not fair to not allow laptops into the classroom. Professors need to take into consideration that some of their students may need their laptops due to a learning disability in order to aid their learning.

The JTLA wrote an article on a laptop in enrolment program for middle schools and statistics on student learning. The laptop in enrolment program is in certain parts of the world and in a limited number of schools. There was a study done which compared middle school school students grades with laptops and without laptops. This showed that students who had access to laptops got better grades then those who had no laptops. This study that was done 2005 with children between the ages of 11 to 13, clearly shows that if college students use their laptops productively then they could be obtaining higher grades. Though the grades varied from subject to subject there was a huge difference with grades. Professors should do a study to see which students obtain higher grades with their laptops or without. Students are responsible for their learning and need to use their laptops appropriately during lectures, in order to not disrupt other students learning.