Pros and Cons of going to a for Profit College

One educational option is to choose a college that is for-profit.  There are different advantages and disadvantages to going to such a learning institution.


They may be easier to get into

Of course the main goal of many for-profit colleges is to earn money.  The more students they have, the more money they can earn.  They often will try to get as many students as they can, even actively recruiting people in malls.  For instance, you will see kiosks set up in the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Many other colleges are very difficult to get into, thus if you do not have the test scores or grades to get into a different type of college, you still may get into one that makes money.

There are often many local colleges like this

Many people do not live near some of the bigger and nicer non-profit colleges.  There are many for-profit colleges all over, so it gives you more choices.


It is often more expensive

A lot of for-profit colleges charge more than their non-profit counterparts.  They may know that some people will pay the money so that they can go somewhere if they cannot make it into the other colleges.  Also, a lot of them might not get the subsidies that the non-profit ones do so they may have to make that up through tuition and fees to their students.

An employer might not think as highly as them

Some employers might think lower of a for-profit college.  They might realize that the qualifications are often far lower for these, and it may impress them less.  If you are going for an interview, you may have a better chance with a degree from a different type of college.

The degree might not be as valuable in other ways.  Some people might not even consider it a real college degree if they do not feel that it meets the educational standards of the other colleges.  You may spend a lot of money and put in a lot of time and effort only to have something that is not worth as much.  Also because some of these colleges are not as prestigious you may not have the same quality of education as in the other colleges.  They may not be able to attract teachers that are as good, for instance.

A for-profit college is an option for some, but there are drawbacks.  Consider both the advantages and disadvantages listed above when making your decision.