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When our government wants to gauge our dollar value in terms of education they create a test. This standardized test has put more emphasis on teachers teaching to pass a test. This has watered down the education system to the point the focus of the school district is on passing a test not educating a student.

By no means was the standarized tests supposed to be like this. The test were made to show how well or not so well a school was doing. With everything we put in the human factor and pollute the system. How we did it to this one, is by tying money to the performance of each school. Some have even made the performance results somehow or another tied to the teachers pay. Great move, that means microwave education not cultivate it.

So, why has standardized tests ruined our public education? Have you ever seen a young adult figure out a tough math problem but not be able to balance a check book? This type of testing has produced book smart kids but not allowing them to think outside of text book answers. In this day and age for people to succeed in life, more is needed than just whats needed to pass the test. Not only does it prohibit creative thinking, it also takes away from teachers tailoring learning styles to the individual. Our kids have abilities that we can hardly fathom. To paraphrase a famous quote, someone once said that if we all lived up to our potential we could end world hunger. The thought of the government wanting results rather than producing kid’s potential has diluted the results we could have had. Imagine that!

Anyone of us can look at facts of how well are students are doing and see test scores are up. That’s good news but how accurate is the data. Is our children really learning more or are our teachers gearing them up for the test more? We need to look at what fruit is being produced in the world right now. Right now, our financial system is failing, our housing market has dropped, and our unemployment and crime rate up. This is a lack of education in what should have been taught in the early stages of life such as discipline and responsibility.

Can this be corrected? Yes, it can through more parent involvement and different way of gauging the growth of students. Schools should lean more on educating real life situations based on the current peer group of the students. Teaching morals, discipline, and responsibility should be how we rate our kids and teachers. Like the slow fade it has become we can slowly fade into doing the right thing for education, if time allows!