Public School System is a Failure

Indeed standardized tests don’t even come close to measuring the ability of kids. But this will not change no matter how much you complain. The public school mold was created from the idea of programming the vassals to adhere to corporate society. It all surrounds the government. This is why 99% is comprised of academics and nothing else.

Any person who knows or even gives a damn realizes that life skills is much more important than academics. And those skills also make a person truly intelligent at the individual level. This is something that government fears. They prefer for people to be programmed to do what they want. So its a never-ending battle between the people of society and government. The government is wrong for the people and cannot and will not accommodate our needs.

Therefore, that is why people like myself who home-school kids have rejected the public school system. It is owned and operated by the ideology of government and I regard anyone who works there as a puppet on a string. So many different times and different schools have I seen a principle ignore his own beliefs to serve “policy” or corrupt members of a board. The best thing to do is continue to reject public schools and make parental education the primary tool once again. Besides, parents have fallen into the popular mold so much that they neglect their children and never meet their needs other than material wants. We need to force one parent to stay home and raise the kids. That’s the bottom line. But the people also need to get together and create a new public system which is shaped around OUR ideas and needs and not the government. And then we force the government to pay for it.

One other thing to complain about regarding public schools is how they disregard the parent unless a child is behaving badly. When our kids were in school, we hardly received notes or papers that informed us about upcoming events at school. If our child was involved with something, we hardly knew about it unless she told us. She was too little to take on the responsibility of playing the middle man between us and the school officials. But the school thought otherwise. We were kept in the dark. You can bet they didn’t waste any time calling our house when our child was absent for any reason. This is the single most important reason why you should take your child out of public school. Compulsory attendance. They literally obsess over it. Why is that? It is mostly because of money. Each child gets a certain amount of money set aside for their school year. This is suppose to cover everything they could ever need. But in reality it doesn’t. The school hijacks the funds and uses it for other things. The consequence of that is easy to see. They bum for donations and beg for supplies from the parents. Where does the money go? In our local community in the past 20 years, three different school officials have been busted for using school funds for personal gain. They got fired. But it never cured the problem. It is everywhere in every state.

As I stated before, there is no hope for the public school system because it sits on a broken foundation that could never work for the people. It never has. We will continue to see tremendous pressure on the kids shoulders alongside severe neglect of proper types of education. And this will ultimately produce narrow-minded, angry adults with very little ambition. My many years of history studies have taught me that the government is getting exactly what it wants…a dumbed down society.