Questions for entrepreneurs to consider about a college education

If you didn’t complete your degree before launching your small business, there’s a good chance that the question of whether or not you should do so runs through your mind frequently. There are many benefits to having a degree in your field, whether you are a small business owner or if you work for someone else’s company. It is also true, however, that going back to school and earning a degree is something that takes both time and money.

The question of whether or not you should make the time in your already busy schedule is one that you’ll have to answer for yourself. However, before you make that decision, it’s important for you to weigh the relevant facts. There are a number of things that you need to consider before deciding if enrolling in a degree completion program is the right decision for you. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

Will having a degree give you more credibility in your profession?

If the fact that you do not have a degree puts you at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to earning credibility in your chosen profession, chances are that you need to put finishing school at the top of your list. There are some professions management, public speaking, and finance to name just a few where it can be very difficult to be seen as someone at the top of the field if you don’t have the academic credentials to back up what you know.

Can I fit school into my schedule without harming my business or family life?

Is it even geographically viable for you to think about going back to school to earn a degree in your field? If there are online programs available in your field of study, you’ll be able to complete your course work from any location. However, if you need to attend a traditional school to get the classes that you need, is there an option in close enough proximity to where you live and work.

Can I afford to go back to school?

Returning to college requires a financial commitment in addition to a commitment of time. Research how much you will have to pay to complete your degree and evaluate the expense in terms of how the investment is likely to impact you on both a personal and professional basis. You may also want to consult with your tax advisor when determining the true financial impact of your decision, as in some cases higher education expenses related to one’s career can be tax deductible.

Making Your Decision

These are just a few of the factors you need to think about before deciding whether returning to school is a choice that is right for you at this point in time. If you deciding that pursuing a degree is something that is in your best interest, be sure to conduct thorough research on the available training programs so that you can make a wise decision about the option that is best for you.