Quick Easy Simple

Here are three quick and easy recipes for students living away from home. Students who live away from home often complain that they do not have the time or the facilities to cook wholesome and healthy hot meals. Many students get sick due their poor diet which consists mainly of fast foods and unhealthy snacks which are high in fats and oils and lead to high blood pressure and cardio vascular disease in the long run.

It is important for a student to know a few quick and easy recipes that can be whipped up in less than an hour. Students who live far away from home must also not get into the habit of eating too much of frozen food but they must learn to cook healthy and nutrious meals.

The first recipe is a toasted cheese and sweetcorn sandwich.

The ingredients are as follows:

Two slices of wholewheat bread

Grated cheddar or gouda cheese

Two thin slices of tomato

Diced chillies

Canned sweetcorn


Butter the wholewheat bread and place grated cheese on bread. Add sweetcorn and chillies as well. If possible add little  tabasco sauce and pepper to taste. Place in the microwave or toaster for s short while till golden brown and enjoy!

The second recepie is a Sheppards pie.


Ground mince (mutton or beef)


Pasta (Optional)






Cook the minced meat with onions, mint, tomato, pepper, salt and other spices which are optional. Boil potatoes separately and mash when soft. Add butter and milk to soften mash. Boil pasta for about ten minutes to make dish look more full or can be left out. Place all ingredients separately in a platter. Pasta first, then mince and last the mash. Add cheese and sliced tomato on top for presentation. Makes a quick and easy hot meal!

The third dish is an omelet


Two eggs

A pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper


Baking powder




Slice the onions, coriander and mushrooms finely. Beat eggs until fluffy and add milk and baking powder. Heat oil or butter in a fry pan and add dry ingredients. Once golden brown add the egg batter and fry till golden brown. Grated cheese can be added as optional.

These are three very simpe receipes for the busy college student. One does not need expensive cookware or be a master chef to prepare these quick and easy meals and can be a great hit with the palate!