Quick Meals for College Students

Pizza, nachos and burgers may be standard fare in a college student’s diet, but when the steady diet of junk food starts to become tiresome, there are many easy healthy meals a college student can make that won’t break the pocketbook.

Homemade Pizza

Frozen pizzas and pizza parlor pies tend to be thick and loaded with cheese and toppings. If there is a craving for pizza, consider making a homemade pizza. For around a dollar or slightly more, purchase a package of Betty Crocker pizza dough mix. All that needs to be added is water. Buy a small package of shredded cheese, a small can of pizza sauce and add some Canadian bacon or other healthy toppings and a great meal can be had for just a few dollars. Share it with friends or eat the leftovers the next day. Homemade pizza allows a person to control the amount of fat and is cheaper than going out for pizza.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes or BBQs can be a quality and filling meal for college students. The best part of making sloppy Joe’s is that the meat mixture warms up as leftovers really well. Buy a small package of sloppy Joe’s mix, tomato sauce, a pound of hamburger and some buns and a filling meal is available that will feed several or warmed up the next day. The meat mixture can also be frozen in small plastic containers and warmed up late if desired.


College students do not eat enough vegetables. A great way to incorporate more vegetables into the diet is to purchase some frozen vegetables. These can be kept over time in the freezer with no worry of spoiling. There are re-sealable bags that make it easy to take out just as much as desired for each meal. Frozen broccoli or mixed vegetables are excellent choices.

Baked Potato

Baked potatoes can be made in minutes in the microwave and cost pennies to make. Consider buying a small package of broccoli with cheese sauce to put on the top, or even the left over Sloppy Joe mixture with some grated cheese. The baked potato will be a filling meal while also providing quality nutrients.

Bacon Lettuce Tomatoes

A bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich is really easy to make and adds some vegetables too. Put a few slices of bacon in the microwave, slice up the lettuce and tomato, and it is an instant meal. Bacon has a bit of a bad rap; it really adds quite a bit of protein and is healthier than many other processed foods that college students eat. For a healthier version turkey, bacon can be purchased.


Eggs are an inexpensive, quick and tasty meal for college students. At about, 10-15 cents per egg, a college student can have three eggs for about 50 cents. They are filling, nutritious and easy to fix any time. Take it to the next level and make it a quick omelet with some vegetables or Canadian bacon. Nearly any other leftovers can be added to make a tasty omelet.


One of the easiest meals to make is chili. Once again, it can serve a large group of friends or makes good leftovers. Simply brown a pound of ground beef, add a canned chili sauce and a couple of cans of beans. It is a very tasty, affordable meal. For about $7.00, a college student can feed 4-5 friends or eat for a couple of days.


Buy a pancake mix that only needs water. Although there are the traditional white flour pancakes, there are many other whole grains mixes on the market along with blueberry pancakes. These are easy to make and very cheap. One meal of pancakes would cost less than 50 cents. There is nothing wrong with pancakes as long as the college student is active. In fact, pancakes will stick with a person and there will probably be less snacking. Pancakes can make a warm comforting breakfast or even an evening meal.

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice

Uncle Ben’s has a ready-made rice that comes in a packet in the dry rice aisle. It was listed by “Eat This, Not That” as one of the healthiest pre-made foods on the market. All the college student needs to do is put it in the microwave for a few minutes for tasty rice every time. Eat it with some frozen vegetables or meat. .

Sugar-free pudding

Make some sugar free vanilla pudding with skim milk or buttermilk. Add a can a Mandarin oranges, sliced bananas or chopped peaches. It will give the college student a sweet treat as well as dairy, and fruit. It is super easy to make and keep in the refrigerator.

Being a college student doesn’t mean that hot dogs and Ramen noodles are the only foods that can be eaten. All of the foods listed above cost from a few cents to a few dollars. In addition, they can all be made in minutes because eating quick is a top priority to college students. Although they are not all fat-free foods, they are all quality nutritious foods that will give the college student energy to study and walk to classes.