Race College Admission – No

I am of both races African American and Caucasian. This is a topic that really bothers me because it makes it seem that race determines you success in life. People cannot control the color of their skin and it should not even matter. I do completely understand that every school has to meet its requirements with racial standards at a school, but i don’t think a child should have more pressure on them about if they are going to get into the school of their dreams because of their skin color.

I think it is important for universities and colleges to know that the skin color of a person does not determine the things they will do in life, i wish many others could see that too. To live in a world where people will always tell you that you cant do things because of your skin color we have to add schools on the plate too.

There is no reason for someone to not be at least considered to be entered into the school. I think colleges and universities should take the time and think about the persons qualities and what they will do for the school than to automatically make assumptions about someone because of the color of their skin.

This will always be a problem in society there is always going to be people that say they don’t base things on race, but will be the first school to decline someone of it. The society that we live in will never change that because the people that control the school system will never understand that.

If administration would actually take the time to look at the qualities of a person and not judge them by other things then they would have more students that try to do good and less dropouts. Race shouldn’t be the one thing from stopping someone from getting into college. If you truly work hard to get in then you should be able to be considered for the college and given a chance .

Even though this is something that really truly angers me i don’t think it will ever go away, there will always be people that don’t get into a college they want because of their skin color and they may not even know that that is the reason. I can only hope that when i apply for college next fall they will not make my race a huge factor of my chance of getting into the school.