Race Considered College Admissions Affirmative Action Racism Prejudice Diversity Multicultural – No

Racism in America will never end if we continue to act as if a person’s race is the most important thing about them or is a deciding factor in whether they should be able to attend a college. Not all colleges determine admissions based on race, but for many colleges race is one of the deciding factors and sometimes one of the main factors. There really is no good or logical reason for this. What does it matter what the percentage of each race is in a classroom as long as the students are getting the education they need? Putting so much emphasis on race is wrong. Colleges should not be sending the message that it is somehow wrong to have too many hispanics or too many blacks or too many whites in a classroom. If students really want to go to a school that is diverse they can apply at those colleges that already are. Those who want to be accommodated with affirmative action need not apply.

Affirmative action in colleges and the work place is racism, no matter how people try to spin it. It uses racial profiling to determine whether or not someone is qualified to attend a certain college or work in a certain office. In other words, affirmative action is a very poor and naive attempt to combat racism by enforcing a different kind of racism. Instead of excluding a certain race from participating in certain events, we are judging people by their race in order to decide who can participate to achieve what society deems as the appropriate, unoffensive mix of races. We are not in the 1960s anymore, yet we are still telling people they cannot participate because there is already enough of their kind there. So many people protest racial profiling by police and intelligence agencies, but sit back with no objections to the racial profiling caused by affirmative action that takes place in schools and work environments.

Not all colleges who ask about race on applications engage in affirmative action. However, the race question should not be asked whether affirmative action is taking place or not. It is simply irrelevant. Judging people on the spectrum of race will not end racism. People who apply to colleges should be judged on their work ethic and their grades. Race should not be considered at all. Public schools are given ratings that include considerations to the school’s diversity. Why does any of that matter? Putting everyone into groups because of their race does not improve race relations, make people more open minded, or any of the other ridiculous claims that people make. Colleges should be about accepting students who are qualified to attend and are going to do the work they need to do to get their degrees. It’s about education, not race.