Reasons to Choose a Community College

As many people would say that one of the main reasons to choose a community college rather than a University at the beginning is because it is cheaper and more affordable. As true and convenient as this is, it is not the whole reason, it is just part of it. One of the main reasons why I choose to go to a community college rather than an University first is because it was yes convenient and also because the school that I attended had one of the best nursing programs in the country and at the same time, they are one of the best if I ever choose to go to a University if I ever wanted to transfer afterwards. This is the main reason why so many people like the idea and choose to go to a community school before they go to an University, because they get to go and actually get an education and get the degree that they want and after, they are able to start working with their first associate degree. 

I have two associates degrees that took me three and a half years to achieve, most people get one bachelors in four years, and after they have a hard time, if not difficult time getting a descent and promising job in their chosen field. One of the jobs that i was able to apply for after I receive my first degree was as an online journalist and also as a freelancer for a magazine. With an associates. I am now working as a freelancer and writing articles on Helium while going to school full time and paying myself through it. There is a large difference in what a person can do, versus what they are able to do if they are in fact meant to do it and they think rationally about their choices as they get out of high school. One of the main choices that a person has is whether or not to continue their education in a community college or an University. 

The main reason for these choices is what a person is able to do and all of the opportunities that they are able to encounter at the same time. This is one of the best things about any other offer that any person can have when it comes to how they look at the education and the quality of it as well.