Reasons to Choose Community College

Many high school students are taught by their school teachers that a university education opens the most doors of opportunity.  In addition to school teachers, the media are constantly showing why universities are supposedly a superior choice for up-and-coming professionals. However, there are many reasons why a community college is a better choice for many adults who are pursuing a higher education. 

After being in school since they were five years old, many high school students transitioning to post-secondary school would like to complete their education as quickly as possible so they can find a job in the field they love.  Community colleges offer one-year, two-year and three-year study programs that are specific to the area of study.   For example, a student studying journalism at a community college will ONLY be studying journalism and will not be studying a minor in another subject the way that students studying at universities can do.  Community colleges issue certificates for one-year programs, and diplomas (also referred to as Associate Degrees) for two-year and three-year programs. And many employers strongly consider job candidates who have earned community college credentials.  For students who KNOW what they want to do and don’t want to spend longer in school than they have to, community colleges are a great option for them.

Some students did not earn the best grades in high school, and as a result, they did not get accepted into the university of their choice.  Community colleges are a great stepping stone for people who want to transfer to a university after finishing their college program.  Community colleges are also less expensive than universities, which is a huge benefit to students who are struggling financially.  Colleges also offer a more hands-on educational opportunity for students. Instead of paying a lot of money to attend university classes that are often huge lecture halls where students have little contact with the professor, students attending community colleges get the benefit of learning in smaller class sizes, which means more one-on-one time interacting with the professor.  Community colleges also offer job internships as part of the courses, which can create job opportunities for students before they graduate or after they graduate from the school. 

Pursuing a higher education is extremely admirable, and it could increase an adult’s chances of getting a high-paying job.  However, there is no guarantee that community college graduates or university graduates will get a high-paying job in their fields of study.  Some graduates of higher learning institutions don’t actually end up working in the field they studied in.  Going to community college can be a much better investment for men and women who want an affordable education that will train them in specific areas for financially lucrative jobs that are in demand.