Reasons to Choose Community College

Since community colleges are not as proudly touted as most universities, they tend to be regarded as a less popular choice among high school graduates. However, there are multiple reasons why community college is the better, more economical choice for those first two years of college education.

-Cost Effective-

One of the biggest reasons students choose community college is the cost. The cost of a single credit hour at most community colleges is usually under one hundred dollars. That isn’t even enough to pay for a book at university level. Community colleges also tend to be more accommodating as far as financial aid is concerned, and will work with you to ensure that as little money comes out of your (or your parents’) wallet as possible.

One should also note that the two years one would spend at a community college is great time to save money for the costs of a university. The amount of money you save on tuition and student housing during this time should make it easier on parents when their child finally does go away. Also, this makes it easier to avoid getting student loans, or at least to avoid borrowing large amounts of money.


If the cost isn’t a big factor for you, the convenience and familiarity might be. For students who keep a job during high school, quitting that job and finding a new one near the university of your choice can be a difficult yet necessary task. If you opt to go to a community college, however, you can keep your job as well as stay near friends from high school. In this situation, the responsibility of college is transferred to students at a slower rate, and helps to eliminate some of the stress that many college students have to endure. By staying closer to home, students can familiarize themselves with college life at their own pace.

Lastly, there is another latent convenience involved in choosing community college first. There are bound to be students whose high school grades and test scores aren’t quite up to the standards that their university of choice requires. Transferring from community college is usually easier than getting accepted directly from high school, and it gives students time to heighten their GPA in hopes of university admission. So many people view community college as a lesser form of education, but these views are incorrect. They are blind to what community college really is: a bright, economical opportunity to get ahead in today’s competitive world.