Reasons to consider Living at Home when Studying for a Degree

Studying for a degree is expensive enough as it is without having to find money for accommodation and food as well. Living at home takes away the burden of dealing with expensive bills and you also have the benefit of having someone to do your laundry for you! Of course, there are a few disadvantages of living at home when studying for a degree, as you have less freedom to do what you want and you’re not as immersed in student culture as you would be if you lived on campus.

However, if it is a struggle to find the money needed to pay for university it is better to save money any way you can and get your degree than to not bother continuing with your studies. Ultimately, a degree will increase your job opportunities and enable you to earn more money in the long run. Although the cost of tuition fees may be off-putting at least you have a reasonable chance of building a career that you actually want and achieving enough success to earn a decent living.

One of the main reasons that people decide to go to university is so they can get away from their parents and live independently. Not everyone enjoys being away from their family, though, and if you are likely to get homesick you may as well stay at home, particularly if your homesickness is going to interfere with your studies. Just because you’re not living on campus doesn’t mean that you can’t make friends and have an active social life.

It is probably slightly more challenging to hang out with your university chums when you have other responsibilities, though, which is often the case when you live at home. You may have chores to do and a part-time job that you’ve had since you were sixteen and so you don’t get to start afresh when you go to university, as many other students do. However, it works out a lot cheaper for you when you can take a train or ride your bike into university and either don’t have to pay anything to live at home or only have to pay a minimal amount.

In fact, it is probably the financial benefits of living at home that are the driving force behind the decision to avoid student accommodation. You don’t have to worry about paying the bills or going shopping, as it’s all done for you, which means you are free to focus completely on your studies.