Reasons to Walk more when You’re a Student

Students normally are not portrayed as healthy types who like to watch their diet and exercise. They are normally associated with drunken rowdy behaviour and poor diets high in carbohydrates and saturated fat.  As a result many students tend to gain weight while at college. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and one that should be employed by students for several reasons.

Cheapest form of transport

Students do not have a large budget to work with. They can find it hard to get a part time job so they spend most of their time surviving on their student loans. Transport to and from college can be expensive therefore walking is a much cheaper way for a student to travel around.  Walking to college in the morning can also help refresh students and help prepare them for the day ahead.

Helps avoid weight gain

Students normally cook for one person and as a result tend to put on weight. Their daily diet involves super noodles and other ready-made meals, while a sausage supper or chip butty is a common way to end a night of boozing.  Walking home from the student bar, plus walking to and from college lectures will help students avoid unnecessary weight gain caused by poor diets.  The heavier you are the more calories you will burn. If you weigh between 130 and 140 pounds and walk at a speed of 3 mph you will burn 3.5 calories per minute, meaning a 20 minute to and from college each day will help you burn 140 calories.  If you weigh between 160-170 pounds you will burn 4.5 calories each minute.

Form of socializing

Walking can be a good way to socialize with fellow classmates and dorm mates. You can discuss lectures and coursework while getting some fresh air, burning some calories and saving some money. Walking is also the best way to explore the local sights and attractions. You can spend hours walking enjoying the culture of your new home as opposed to spending it propping up the student bar.

Stay fit

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise helping you burn calories and stay fit.  Brisk walking is considered aerobic exercise as it gets the heart pumping. Aerobic exercise is good for heart health and helps reduce the incidence of heart disease including heart attack.  

These are all valid reasons why students should walk more. This will help their mental and physical wellbeing as well as their bank accounts.