Reasons why College might not Necessarily be the right Choice for everyone

I have tried college before. Twice in fact. But it just didn’t seem to be the right place for me. It seems to be the only place to go when you first finish high school but there are plenty of other things for young school leavers to better their education, isn’t there? Thats what i used to think anyway.
I really enjoyed Newcastle Under Lyme College when i first started there. It was great. No more school uniform, no more feeling inferior to teachers, no need to hide when I’m smoking a fag. But maybe those aren’t the reasons people dislike school. Perhaps “behind a desk” education just is not the way some people should learn. What’s the problem with the way my grandfather learned his trade?
After about two months at college anyway, i started to feel like i was getting nowhere. It was just so boring. i was just getting taught was i didn’t want to know. i could not understand what interest these subjects had to people. So i began staying in bed in the mornings, turning up to lessons late, if at all. Suddenly it was a week since I’d been in, then two. It started to build up. I was too nervous to go in now because I had too much to catch up on. Everyone would ask where I’d been, all I’d be able to say is “in bed”. So thats it, i quit!
Adamant not to be a “lazy tramp” I went straight out to find a job. It took maybe a week, not long at all and i had a job at a firm which helped people clear their debts. I thought this was great! I could work my way through the company, maybe one day take it over when the boss gets to old. Unfortunately, i now realize things don’t work out like they do in the movies. Working there made me realize that no matter how much you think someone will help you, they will drop you the first minute they don’t need you anymore. I felt a real help in that company for a while, and so young, i would surely have a high position by the time I’m in my twenties. Afraid not. Suddenly I started to look at the bigger picture. Will I still be here in five years? What if i get sacked? What if I Decide I want the find another legal firm to work for? I realized franticly, that i do not have any qualifications to do this job. I just got lucky, or maybe not even lucky. Maybe i got ahead of myself? Maybe it’s time to go back to college?
So i did. I went back. But exactly the same things happened. I got bored, I couldn’t be bothered with my work etc etc. Once again I quit. This time I looked at the army thinking maybe thats the push I need to follow things through. But no. For medical reasons I cannot be accepted into the army. So now I am trying to get an apprenticeship in mechanics. But its not looking to great with my history. Maybe college isn’t the right way for everyone, but perhaps it’s the only way for some?