Reasons why you should Pursue two Majors in College

For those who are in college, it is a pain to get through one major. There are going to be classes some don’t pass on the first try. The number of classes you need to take are numerous. Not everyone struggles miserably through their intended major, but a good portion of college students have to spend a most of their time studying. So for those who decide to take two majors, the question is why would you want to do such a thing?

Having two majors gives you an interesting opportunity because you’re creating more doors for yourself to enter. College graduates who earn one degree are limited to the openings in the field they’ve chosen. Depending on how competitve the field is currently, that determines how skillful a graduate must be to get into the field. So if a graduate earned a degree in Computer Science, they would have to have spectacular programming skills and a good college background. Programming is not a difficult field and is certainly not one you need a degree. If you can create a program that gains popularity, you could earn millions from that area. Considering that people of all ages dabble in programming makes the field very competitive. In truth, earning a Computer Science degree is equivalent to saying that you’re a minor mathmatician or minor electrical engineer. Usually people who earn a Computer Science degree also earn an Art degree to give them a better chance for finding a job.

Another reason why people have two majors is that they have the opportunity to earn two. For certain careers, the requirements to graduate are strenous and the work you do puts you close to earning a second degree that you might as well take the opportunity. Based on my experiences in Hawaii, the John Burns School of Medicine require that you have the acceptable Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score and 90 credits worth of college level course work completed with a certain amount in biology, chemistry, and physics in order to get into the Doctor program. To graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), you need at least 124 credits of college courses and fulfilling the requirements of your major. Just to get in to the John Burns Medical School requires 90 credits, so it would be a waste not to earn those remaining 34 credits for another degree.

Sometimes earning two degrees will help you in the long run. For example, to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Hawaii, you have to take the CPA exam. The requirements to take the exam, you need 150 credits from an accredited college (within those 150 credits, you either have to 24 credits in 300 and 400 level classes in an area other than accounting or you have to have a master degree in acccounting.) and two and a half years of experiences working with a Accounting firm. Now in the details concerning exam, having a second degree helps because the Hawaii law states that not having a second degree will not bar you from the CPA exam, but you have to have an additonal two and a half years of experience working with an Accounting firm. Essentially, you need to be working for five years with a firm before you can take the test whereas having a second degree cuts it down to two and a half years. As stated before, you only need 124 credits to graduate from UHM and since 24 of 150 credits have to be in upper level classes other than accounting, you might as well work for that second major.

the only other reason i can think of that you should pursue two majors is if you want stand out from the rest of the crowd. if there are two subjects of study that you really like, you should go for it. However the bottomline I leave is that earn at least one degree from college to give yourself a better chance of success in the future.