Recession Proof Careers Great Careers to Meet Basic Demands Jobs

 Any career that is meeting a present need of the majority of the population in an area can be classified as a recession-proof career.  Careers that involve the basic needs of people are essential for life.  The list below can serve as a guide to careers that will never be out of date: 

    Food- All people must eat, therefore careers involving agriculture,preservation and preparation of food, transporting food products, marketing food, cooking, baking, and serving food are recession-proof. 

   Clothing – Clothing is essential all over the world,  therefore any career involving the creating, designing, making, marketing, and selling of clothing is recession-proof. 

   Housing- – The housing industry is diversified.  Any career involving the designing, building, leasing, selling, or leasing of dwellings is recession-proof to a degree.   Involved with the housing industry are banks, lending companies, realtors, surveyors, assessors, inspectors, lawyers, mortgage companies, title companies, both state and federal programs, and a host of associated careers that center around providing individuals and families with housing.  Even in recessionary times, most of these entitites function to some degree.  The court system become involves when foreclosures are pending. 

  Education- Education of both old and young continue to move forward in recessionary times.  It appears that colleges and institutions of higher learning are bursting their seams because recession drives people everywhere to explore other options than they heretofore have had.  The idea that education will help one relocate to another field, that education will prepare one for a greater paying job, is the driving force.

  Healthcare- Any career in healthcare is recession-proof, from being a CNA to a doctor.  The list is long, and the options are all there.  Choosing a career in the healthcare field, especially dealing with patient care, will just about guarantee a person some sort of job in recessionary times.  Healthcare expands to areas in nutrition, research, pharmaceuticals, prostheses, healthcare aids such as wheelchairs, motor scooters, and medical supplies. 

  Judicial Justice and Prison System- Because of  the high crime rates which exist nationwide, the judicial and prison system provide opportunities for careers.  Lawyers, parole officers, policeman, criminal investigators, prison and jail staff, cooks, teachers, counselors, and many other jobs can be gotten in this arena. 

      Entertainment- Sports, music and theater are arenas that will always provide work for those who persevere.  Television, cable, radio and Internet are involved here also. 

     Sales  and Marketing –  Behind the scenes of every good product is a good marketer or sales person.  Even in recessionary times, marketing and sales are most essential.  Presenting and advancing the right product at the right time can pay off in rewards of millions and billions of dollars. 

     Technology- Because we live in a technological age, there is great need of innovators, repairmen, sales and marketing, and teaching others about the new technology which is available.  Technology has extended into just about every aspect of modern living.  This makes it a wide open field for career options. 

     Carefulness and careful planning will help job seekers to look in areas which they have never explored.  Counselors as well as data-based statistics can also be a guide to helping anyone jump into one of these recession-proof careers that eventually will lead to a substantive job.