Recession Proof Jobs

During your time attending college, you are probably counting down the days until you graduate and enter the work force of the “real world”.  Rest assured that there are “real jobs” in the marketplace for everyone, but during your college years you should aim to think about careers that have longevity and will provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.  No matter how volatile the economy is, some careers are recession-proof; these careers will always be in demand no matter what the state of the global and local economies are. 

Jobs are created by supplying a need that is in demand and sales jobs will never cease to exist because there are ALWAYS products and services to sell.  If you are pursuing a college degree or diploma in business marketing and sales, you will be equipping yourself with important knowledge and experience on how to advertise, sell, close deals, and encourage repeat sales through building customer loyalty.  Not only are sales jobs recession-proof, salespeople have the potential to earn an unlimited income. 

Medical students must undergo intense studying and school schedules to get their doctorate degrees.  But the results will be worth it, because the industry of medicine will never disappear.  Doctors and nurses will always be in demand because we all need them.  Medical professionals also have the benefit of being able to work in other countries besides their own, due to the universal demand for health care. 

Farming and agriculture careers will forever be in demand because farmers feed the world.  Gone are the days when most communities were rural and the majority of families produced their own food from their land.  People are busier than ever with work and life, and some people don’t even cook because they only have time to order food from restaurants.  Restaurants and people purchase their food from markets, and those markets purchase food from farmers so they can sell the goods to customers.  Farming requires a lot of hard work, but the rewards are plentiful. 

Educators will always be in demand no matter what the state of the economy is.  When financial times are tough, many people opt to go back to school or improve their education to broaden their employment options.  Educators can work in a field and environment, especially as more people are discovering that learning does not take place only in a classroom.  Many schools and instructors offer tutorials on the Internet, making education more convenient than ever.  Fitness trainers, violin teachers and university professors and teachers of every subject will always be in demand.  No matter what subject you study in college, consider gaining the qualifications to teach your specialty to others. 

College years should be wisely spent studying not only the subjects in your program, but also what career trends are in demand.  Some careers are eventually phased out while others are phased in.  So educate yourself about all of the different paths your field of study can lead you to and which careers within your field are the most recession-proof.