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College life can sometimes be made or destroyed by the roommate that you have, specifically if you live in a dorm room.  For some, roommates become the best of friends.  For others, roommates can make life so difficult you can barely stand it.  The best roommates are the ones who you may have some problems with, but at the end of the day you know they are not so bad and you can live with them in a weird sort of harmony.

Before switching roommates try to figure out if it is possible to fix whatever problem you are having with them.  Have you spoken to your roommate about this problem?  Have you tried to come to a solution?  If not, try this first.  However, if your roommate is becoming violent with you or you feel like your roommate is violating your privacy (such as stealing your things) then you know to go straight to my next step.

If you have tried fixing the problem yourself but to no avail, contact a Resident Adviser or Resident Director immediately.  All college dorms have them and they are your best bet at trying to fix the problem.  Most of the time your advisory will speak to you about options you may have and ask you to explain any steps you have already taken.  Some advisers may ask to have a counseling session with both of you present to try and fix the problem, or they may refer back to your roommate contract if your school requires its dorm residents to have one.  If possible, most college and university dormitories try their best to make sure that you use problem solving before immediately using a roommate change to get rid of any discrepancies you have with your roommate.  Therefore, your Resident Advisers and Directors are there for your safety and try their best to find a way everyone can live together peacefully.

If you can come to no agreement or nothing gets better, then your Resident Adviser or Director will help you put things in motion to get a room change.  For some colleges you may have to fill out paperwork to get things rolling.  There may not be a room available right away, but wait patiently and you will usually be contacted as soon as something opens up.  As long as your patient and have reasonable cause for wanting to switch rooms, changing roommates can be a fairly easy step in making your college life enjoyable.