Rush Tips the Dos and Donts of Sorority Recruitment

At many colleges and universities, especially some of the larger state universities, Greek life is so intricately woven into the social fabric of campus life, that going Greek is the easiest way to make friends and create bonds with women that often last for life. On campuses where Greek life is very big, young woman do whatever they must, just to ensure that they will be invited to rush.

While sororities do little things before the actual rush week begins, being invited to participate in rush is an indication that it’s very likely that one or more of the sororities will invite you to join. But there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t do when you are trying to rush a sorority.

*Visiting all of the sororities is okay –

During rush week, it is expected that you’ll go to events at all of the different sororities. The idea is to get to know what each sorority has to offer since they are always different. It is also a way to get to meet the different women who are a part of these sororities and to get a feel for whether or not you would want these women to be your “sorority sisters.”

*How you dress is extremely important –

You may think that having to dress up for rush is shallow or that by putting so much emphasis on the clothing you wear, that the sorority women won’t be able to see who you really are. While that may be partly true, you need to understand that sororities (and fraternities, to a lesser extent,) are all about image. That image extends to the clothing women wear, the people they associate with, including their boyfriends, how “popular” they are, whether they are cheerleaders, involved in student government and so on. All of these things will have an important impact on the reputation of the sorority.

*Be honest –

If you discover that there is one sorority you really like, be honest with those people and let them know that you’d really like to pledge. If you feel that way, however, don’t mislead other sororities by stringing them along. That sort of behavior can come back to bite you and the result may be that you’ve angered people enough so that no sorority will want to have you join them. There is an unspoken expectation during rush, that women will feel a greater connection with one sorority than others. This is natural, and you shouldn’t try to squash that feeling; rather, you should just allow yourself to go with it.

*Be involved –

Sororities are very much about group involvement. Showing that you are willing to get involved, or more importantly, that you can take initiative on your own is something that is sure to impress the sorority leaders. It is also a good way to ease your way into a sorority and get to know the other members.

Although sororities are primarily social organizations, they know that in order to continue to exist, the women who are members must maintain their GPAs or the sorority can lose its accreditation. Sororities are often involved in community service things, so you need to be willing to do that too, because these activities are always a group effort. Some people thoroughly enjoy the experience of being in a sorority, while others find that they aren’t suited to the constant social demands of this type of organization. Participating in rush is a great way to find out whether you feel as though you belong or want to belong to a sorority, and if you find that it’s not for you, that’s okay, too.