Sat College Admissions Act College Prep – No

I admit the morning I had to take my SATs, I was nervous beyond capacity. Even though I was fortunate to have taken plenty of PSATs, I still did not feel that I studied the best I could have. What intimidated me most was the math section. I was never fond of math and I felt that my scores would reflect that. Even though I opted to take the ACT and have those scores sent to the colleges of my choice, the SAT provided a great way to see how I react to standardize testing.

I do not believe that SATs should be fully abolished from college admissions. Even though SATs are not the sole basis for qualifying for college admissions, it helps to provide the college with a general basis of where a student stands. If students have trouble with standardize testing there are many options out there. For example, there is the ACT which most high school students’ claim is easier than the SAT. Also, freshmen in high school should start prepping for the SATs as soon as possible. The more comfortable a student becomes with taking the SATs, the easier it will be. Of course, it is not a bad thing to be nervous as being nervous can help with scoring higher.

I do agree that SAT scores should not outweigh other factors that play a part in being accepted into college. Just because a student scores lower than expected on the SATs does not mean they did not perform well in high school. Most times, being too nervous gets the best out of most students. Even though students are allowed to take the SATs as many times as needed, most cannot afford to take it more than three times. That can put a damper on the chance of a student receiving a higher score. I do believe that if SATs are going to be required, especially with certain score ranges, that the cost should be lowered so everyone can afford it or there should be no cost at all.

There are many provisions that can be done to make the SAT easier to handle but abolishing it altogether would change the focus of college admissions. SAT scores is an important part of the college application. Though many students may be intimidated by it, there are plenty of preparation options out there to help curve fears. SATs are just one of many obstacles that students have to pass in life. Taking that away will lower the significance of challenges that students are going to face when dealing with higher education.