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There is no limit to how much you should spend on preparing for the SAT or the ACT. Good performance on these tests are priceless. Not only can higher scores result in scholarship, highers cores can also get you into better schools. Most preparation courses cost anywhere from one thousand to two thousand dollars, tutoring can easily add up to another one thousand dollars if added onto the cost. Let’s use the approximate figure of three thousand dollars as the highest total cost of preparing for any one of these two tests. If a your child scores high enough to get a scholarship at a public university, he or she can earn that much in scholarship each year saving you, the parent, four times the cost that you spent on preparing your child for the test. Whatsmore, if your child is eligible to attend an Ivy League school due to his or her high test results, three thousand dollars will be nothing compared to the amount of money your child will be making after graduation.
Preparation for these two tests should not be taken lightly. Although you have four years in high school to accumalate a high grade point average, poor performance on these tests con prevent your child from attending the best university possible and can event prevent them from recieving any merit based scholarship.
The most reputable company to provide preparation courses for the SAT and the ACT is Kaplan (at least in south Florida). They hold free events to discuss their services to individuals interested in attending one of there preparation courses. At these events they often give discounts ammounting up to five hundred dollars. I do encourage you to shop around and find the best preparation course in your area, however, I also highly encourage you to check out a free kaplan event near you. Keep in mind that I do not work for Kaplan, I just know a lot of people who did well with them with regards to the SAT.
Long story short, do not limit the amount of money that you spend while trying to get your child into the best university they can possibly attend. No matter how well your child performs in school, there is always room for improvement with tests such as these. Most students who take the SAT are often bewildered by some of the questions that are posed to them. Furthermore, taking a three to four hour test is a new experience that students may struggle with. A preparation course will help students conquer both the questions posed and the time burden that the SAT and the ACT brings. You will not regret investing your child’s future by spending lavishly on his or her preparation process.