Sat Prep course

One of the most recognized tests in the United States is the SAT test.  This test is what a lot of colleges and universities look at in order to determine whether or not they will accept a student.  The test is broken down into several parts, with a lot of emphasis on math and reading.  When the test came out, someone came up with the idea to have SAT prep courses.  There are pros and cons to these courses that people should be aware of.

A positive side to the SAT prep course is that it prepares a person as to what kind of test they will take.  Some people are not good walking into a test taking room and not knowing how the test is set up.  The SAT prep course gives practice tests in the same format as the SAT and allows a person to know exactly what they are walking into.

The SAT prep course is extremely expensive, which carries a negative note to it.  There are no guarantees that this course will help a person to achieve a higher score on the test, and therefore, the price is out of range.  A student can go out and buy a book from the store for twenty dollars, and can learn much from it.  Furthermore, the student can talk to people who did well on the test and ask their advice of what they can do to study.

SAT prep courses are good in that the teacher is usually someone who had done well on the test.  When someone takes the course, they are not just paying for the books, but they are paying for an expert that knows how to do well on the test.  Obviously, this does not guarantee a good result for the student of the course, but it does increase their chances.

A con of an SAT prep course is that it may teach things that a person already knows.  For example, sometimes a person can learn more on their own because they are looking to learn a specific thing.  If they spend a lot of money to take a course and never learn that one item, then they will not benefit much from the class.

SAT prep courses are good for some students and not so profitable for others, depending on what the goal is and how much money a person wants to spend.