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Every year students hit the books and prepare for tests such as the math reasoning, the critical reading and writing.  The Sat is the standard test for many to get into college and becomes the center of many students study during the sophmore / junior years in high school.  SAT test preparation can become manageable with proper planning and pro active study strategies.  Every year in high school can help one prepare for the sat and can increase one’s chances of a competitive score.

Plan on studying for the PSAT in the summer before your sophomore year in high school.  The PSAT is offered in October each year.  The PSAT – Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test is not only a good practice test preparing you for the SAT but also the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.  The results you receive will give you a detailed breakdown of your current skills and suggestions on how to further develop the needed skills.  Make an appointment with a trained educator or professional familiar with reading the PSAT results.

Become a part of the College Board online service.  The College Board is a free to join non-for profit association that administers the PSAT, SAT and AP tests.  By joining you can sign up for sat prep courses, order study guides, receive a question a day emailed to you and important updates about anything pertinent to college planning and testing.

A few more important ways to prepare for the SAT.  Start out by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.  Take a practice sat test online through the College Board website or purchase an SAT study guide.  Some SAT courses are designed to help you to be a better test taker and others are designed to focus on your skill deficits and teach you the needed information that the SAT tests on. 

Take a SAT course either through your high school or a SAT preparation program with a private test preparation company.  Your career center or counselor should have this information for you.  Online SAT preparation courses are another alternative but are not for everyone; this is only recommended for the self directed and independent learner. 

Understand when you should be taking the SAT and leave plenty of room to retake it if necessary.  Do not wait to take the SAT for the first time during your senior year.  Your junior year in high school is generally where most students will take the test.  Check online at the College Board website for dates and times.

Sign up for the SAT online through the College Board and continue to study and practice until test day.

Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.  Take it easy the night before and rest up.  Eat a healthy breakfast and arrive early to the test center.

Technology has provided more opportunities for SAT test preparation with streamlined test administration, online resources and scoring.  Learn and continue to study your materials throughout the year and don’t overwhelm yourself with the process.