Sat Test Taking Tips for Teens

The SAT tests are one of the most important examinations in the teenage life. The SATs are the examinations responsible for setting teenage students up for the remainder of their education. In the United Kingdom, the SATs are traditionally taken to set the groundwork for a student to pick their options that will then carry them through the remainder of their examinations leading up to the GCSEs. In America, the SATs are taken as a means of preparing a teenager for college and beyond. There are many SAT taking tips for teens that can be put into effect.

Ensuring proper revision

The SATs generally cover a wide range of basic schooling topics such as mathematics, the English language and basic science. Naturally, with there being so many different topics, revision is one of the most important things. The more that students have stored in their heads during their SATs, the easier the test is going to be. Revision should be undertaken in the months and weeks leading up to the test and it should not be rushed. Take it slow, study a few pages and a few subjects each day and night and go back to them after a break. Read things aloud, take notes and just generally ensure proper revision is utilized as a means of preparation.

Time management

Time management is important in both preparing for the SATs and actually taking the test. When preparing, do not rush revision or school work that leads up to the exam. While taking the exam, do not rush. Students will find themselves working to the clock, but panicking is only going to limit the potential of scoring higher. Take it slow. Any problems that are unable to be worked out, ignore them for now and go back to them once the rest of the paper has been answered. Very few teenagers are able to completely finish the SATs without proper time management. Don’t panic, don’t worry, just take it slow.


Proofreading is a very useful skill that all teenagers should be aware of when taking the SATs. Proofreading basically involves going back over the answers to ensure there are no errors in it. This can be a crucial means of getting that extra mark from the SATs to allow a teenager to score higher. After completing the paper, simply go back toevery answer that has been completed and read over it. If there is still time to spare, do it again a second time, being sure to make changes and amendments along the way when necessary.

The SATs have the power to set the foundations for an educationally successful future and as such, every teenager should treat their SAT examinations with the utmost importance. The SATs can set the ground work for the rest of the school years in the United Kingdom and the college future of any teenagers in the United States. Treat them with care and caution. Revise thoroughly before hand, ensure proper time management during and never overlook the benefits of proofreading to ensure no errors slipped through at the end. Every student is capable of getting the top mark onthe SATs, so long as the effort is put in to doing so.