Saving on Textbooks

I think that every college student asks the question “why are college textbooks so expensive?” As a college student, I know all too well that the prices on textbooks are outrageous. Sometimes I look at the prices and wonder where they come up with them.  How does the college bookstore expect us to pay for those books?  Why pay for more for textbooks than you have to, especially since you will only be using them once. There are quite a few ways to get the textbooks you need without going broke. 

Buy your books used. Textbooks don’t have to be brand new. Used textbooks are just as good and are way cheaper than buying them new. Although sometimes there might be the rare time you can only buy the book new. 

Buy your books online. There are many websites available that offer textbooks for a much cheaper price than they are in the bookstore. Just make sure that if you do order online, be sure the book has plenty of time to get to you. Also now, you can rent your textbooks online instead of buying them. All you have to do is specify the amount of time you will need the books and pay the rental price. And many places will pay for you to ship them back when you are done with them. 

Here are a few websites that sell or rent textbooks:

Go to the library. Sometimes the campus library will have the textbooks you need and you can check them out. 

Ask around. See if one of your friends has already had a class you are about to take and see if they still have the book. Develop a sharing system with people. Most times, other students will gladly let you borrow or sell you their old textbooks. 

Make sure the edition you are getting is the correct one for the class. It is not fun when you show up to class and have the wrong book or edition of the book. Then you would have to spend even more money on another book.  Sometimes professors will allow older editions but it is best to ask first. 

Sell your books back when you are done with them. You won’t get back what you paid for it, but something is better than nothing.