Scholarships for us Students of Asian Descent

If you are an Asian-American student planning to go to college, you may require the need to obtain a scholarship.  There are plenty of general Asian-American scholarships.  However, you may also want to consider the specific scholarships for Chinese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Indian-Americans, and so forth.  Depending on where you are, the first place you want to search would be through the Internet while using a search engine such as Google.  There are various websites that one can look at for information on any Asian-American scholarships available for the most part.

The first website to check out is called “CelebrAsian” which is a business opportunity conference that takes place once a year.  It has a list of scholarships issued that year.  For the 2011 year, the following scholarships offered are: Paul Shearman Allen & Associates Scholarship, Bruce Lee Scholarship, Drs. Poh Shien & Judy Young Schoalrship, Macy’s Hallmark Scholarship, PepsiCo Hallmark Scholarship, Planned Systems International Scholarship, and the UPS Hallmark Scholarships.  All recipients will be awarded at the conference with all expenses paid for.  Previously, martial arts superstar Jackie Chan had his own scholarships to award at one of the previous events.  The information for the current scholarships are in Word document format.

The second website to visit is the Asian Pacific Fund.  The following scholarships offered by the Asian Pacific Fund are: Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund College Scholarship, Rachelle Cagampan Nursing Scholarship, Sang Chul Lee and Donald O. Cameron Memorial Scholarship, Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship, Jack and Jeanette Chu Scholarship, Equilar Scholarship Program, Hsiao Memorial Economics Scholarship, Human Capital Scholarship Program, the Yale Asian Community Service Fellowship, etc.

The website called Asian American Giving, further gives information on the Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship.  Kuen and Chin operated a popular and known restaurant in Detroit.  This scholarship programs helps children who are restaurant workers and children whose parents are restaurant workers.

There are also scholarships for specific Asian groups.  The website called has a comprehensive list of Japanese-American scholarships such as the: Ishimoto Memorial Scholarship, Itano Memorial Scholarship, Kenji Kasai Memorial Scholarship, Henry & Chiyo Kuwahara Memorial Scholarship, the Sam S. Kuwahara Memorial Scholarship, the Takashi Moriuchi Scholarship, the Abiko Memorial Scholarship, the Aibara Memorial Scholarship, etc.

The JACL (Japanese American Citizenship League) has its own set of scholarships with its own program.

Korean-American students can take advantage of the KASF (Korean American Scholarship Foundation). 

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has scholarships available for Asian Americans wishing to pursue a career in journalism.  OCA also has its own set of scholarships available to be awarded.

There are also scholarships for Indian-Americans available.  One can go to the websites of the IASF and Upakar Foundation.

If you are an Asian-American, then you should check out those these websites as they have comprehensive lists of all available scholarships.