Science and Business

My son is very bright and at 15 applied to University in the United States to study science, and was accepted into the Physics program.  Because he was young, as the father, I got to help choose his electives for his first two years, I caused quite a controversy when I signed him up for economics and business.  This is not what science major, especially in physics, take!  I was asked ” Was I a businessman?”  No, I am a scientist that has worked in the field for thirty years, and scientists need to take at least one business course.   Why a business course?  Science, like everything on the planet these days is effected by business, even if it is just the business of theoretical physics!

People, and scientists need money to survive and they need to know how that money works, and can disappear, if they are to do well and afford many of the creature comforts that will make their lives easier.  My son can easily handle the mathematics, it is really just simple arithmetic, which is very basic when your are use to dealing with physics, but business is more than just accounts and figures.

Business is learning how most of the world works (or often doesn’t work) on a human level, and that is a very different type of science.  It is learning about supply and demand, an how demand can be increased through marketing and promotion!  Business is knowing how people think and how money flows, a good management course will teach you that and your science will be easier to do!  As a scientist, you can have excellent concepts and ideas, but if someone portrays those ideas as dangerous or degrading, you will suddenly find yourself with the means to pursue them. Your scientific goals and dreams become lost and you never achieve them, even though you were a brilliant scientist!

Several scientists have done great things, but were not recognized by society until after they died, simply because they never understood business.  Many more could probably been much more successful and achieved much more if they had understood the business of science, and how it is effected by the economics of the times! 

Ever science major needs to take a business management class, it will make them a better and more effective scientist!