Selling yourself to Colleges Tips for Writing Winning Essays

A sample college essay i wrote

What are your long-range career goals and how do your immediate educational plans fit in to them?

I want to be a master of a couple of skills rather than a jack of all trades. Mastering finance and topics relating to it would serve this purpose and also allow me to learn in depth a subject that I am quite fond of. One significant desire is to be a professional and a second would be to have a leverage that controls my financial future. A useful education qualification such as going to a college would make it possible for me to learn this aspect of business well and to get involved in a diverse set of activities which will enable me to think out of the box. I do believe in pursuing your interests, but I do not want to indulge in them to a point that I become one-dimensional.

Having been involved in countless activities during school, I have come to realize that I have never reached my potential in any of them. A lot of people considered me an all-rounder and a good one at that. Academically sound with superior athleticism, I was certainly a child prodigy. As a result I developed a competitive approach and would throw my name into many a team and club. The same could be said about my choice of subjects where I would choose more and go for the hard ones. This proved to be my waterloo. Teachers would predict high grades and sports coaches dreamt of many a championship, but I was unable to deliver. This experience taught me that I must concentrate on select fields because time is scarce and the best use of it is to raise your competence in your key result areas.

With that said, I feel that it is essential for a person to be forward thinking for him to be successful. I truly believe and endorse that an American education provides this. By research in the internet, books and word of mouth I have learnt much about America and the learning system it has. It this knowledge and a genuine love for America that made me pursue an American education as my present educational step. It is a hope that this will qualify me to find work in the United States and prepare me well for life there if things turn out well and I do move there. All the leading companies and people with regard to my interests finance, basketball and athletics are in the United States.

I pride myself in being a visionary and am of the opinion that the world will be more specialized in the future. This brings me back to the point I made earlier about investing all my time and energies in developing a few talents. I am preparing for a future where populations will continue seeing the benefits of the division of labour. Anticipation is a shortcut to being a winner. True, the coming events have a rather ugly way of surprising people, but I feel to prepare for where your headed you need to have an idea of how things will be. If things don’t work out, you can always learn from the mistakes made and retrain yourself.

I’d like to recall a fine period when I was in middle school where I only played basketball outside of schoolwork. I achieved what I see now as tremendous success where I captained a team that made the finals in an inter-school tournament and I came in the top 3 in that year’s academic results. Unfortunately, this spurred me on to take part in numerous activities. This proved fatal as my class standing dropped and so did my playtime on the basketball court. All I got was a bunch of certificates that said I had participated in several things, which was in contrast to my previous solid achievements. I have always preferred to win stand out awards rather than just take part.

My poor practices with time management, my take on how the world will be in times to come and that one year in middle school where I accomplished something has firmly led me to believe in focusing on being a master of few. My school experience been a teacher and given me a clear idea on what I need to do in order to conquer my dreams. A college seems an extension of the school environment and it will further refine the way I think and this will build a better approach and bring me nearer to where I want to be. By enrolling at an accredited college that gives me an American education with business as my major, I feel that each day that passes only gets me closer to my ambitions.