Should Children of Illegal Aliens Receive in State Tuition – No

Should Children of illegal immigrants qualify for in-state tuition? I say a resounding “no”. If a person comes to this country through the legal channels that are available, he or she should be able to attend our schools on a student visa. A person, who has come to this country illegally, be they adult or child should not be able to attend our schools at all and certainly not at an “in-state” rate that is often denied people who should receive the designation legally. You might be asking how I can say this. My answer would be to refer to my own past.

I was born and raised in North Carolina and registered to attend a local branch of the University of North Carolina. I attended the school for one year as an in-state student. The following year I married a member of the armed services and, although I never left the state of North Carolina, was not granted in-state status because I had married a man from another state.

The reasoning behind this was that a wife’s residency follows that of her husband. If a person who actually is a resident of the state as well as a citizen of the U.S. can be denied in-state status, the offspring of an illegal alien should not be granted that privilege. An offspring of an illegal alien can be qualified for this status only if he or she is a U.S. citizen as well as a citizen of the state in question. Also, it is my opinion that the term “illegal immigrant” is a misnomer.

To immigrate to a country requires following a set of rules and regulations that have been put in place by our government. The correct term is illegal alien; the definition of which is a person who has arrived from another country through subterfuge, or illegal entry. No one who is here illegally should be given preferential treatment and especially not over citizens of our country. Pandering to illegal aliens is done by politicians in our country in order to garner votes from the ones who have managed to circumvent deporting and register to vote.

The allowance of in-state tuition for illegal aliens is just another ploy to garner votes from a group of people/voters who are getting larger every day. Yes, I realize that a person needs to be a citizen of the U.S. in order to vote but some states have already made provisions to allow illegal aliens to have a say in local governments; can our federal government be far behind?