Should Children of Illegal Immigrants Qualify for in State College Tuition – No

While I find it hard to rationalize identifying a person as being illegal because of the country that they choose to inhabit, the laws, as they currently stand, prevent many people from becoming American citizens through legal means. This is the basis of the problem. Having laws that include illegal immigrants in society or preserve their rights is only exacerbating the problem.

No, children of illegal immigrants should not qualify for in-state college tuition. It is completely unfair for tax paying citizens to bear the burden of the education of individuals who entered this country illegally or who are the product of those individuals. The problem with the American political system is that the root of problems is rarely addressed. The system addresses issues as they arise, like taking ibuprofen for a headache, when you should be addressing what caused the headache in the first place, and how a future one can be prevented.

More taxpayers equals more revenue. If more people are allowed to legally immigrate into the United States, then we wouldn’t even have to worry about dealing with the issue of paying for their children’s college education in the first place, because as taxpayers, they would be doing their fair share for society.

Another point to make is that American citizens wouldn’t be offered in-state college tuition if they were to illegally immigrate to another country. Only legal residents should receive in-state tuition. In fact, if someone from another state receives the out-of-state college tuition cost, it only seems fair that illegal immigrants would pay the same price. This issue is not about denying anyone the right to have a quality education, but taxpayers of the state receive a discount because their taxes help fund the schools. If there were a legal option for illegal immigrants to be taxpaying citizens, then it would be universally beneficial.

Unfortunately, many people choose to address immigration with a hard-nosed attitude, and the results have been damaging. Depending on the state, illegal immigrants may not only qualify for in-state college tuition, but other governmental assistance that should be reserved for the legal residents of those states. This causes a financial hardship for the state, that could be alleviated if immigration laws were reexamined.

The right to an adequate college education should be provided to all citizens, regardless of legal status or residency. However, it is perfectly acceptable for these individuals to pay a higher cost for their education if they are not legal residents of the state in which they choose to attend college in.