Should Children of Illegal Immigrants Qualify for in State College Tuition – Yes

Should we deny innocent children a right to education?  Why do people think of these children as simply offspring of illegal aliens?  Immigrant children need the right to education and have needs like any other child. The language some people use, like “overcrowding,” and “not sustainable,” does not justify the right to disqualify innocent children from the basic right to be educated and it is a fact that every person on this planet is an ancestor of a family migration that took place at some time in history.

Does immigration really drain the resources of any national economy to the point where a country is not capable of funding its next military intervention?  Will it create another financial crash? Will immigrants steal all the local jobs or create a massive strain on a social service system which will result in higher taxes?  I do not think so; these “nobodies” have been labelled illegal which means they have minimal or no rights to anything, and they really do not have access to or are capable of stealing a country’s crown jewels.     

I cannot remember it being recorded in any history book that Christopher Columbus or his crew of mercenaries was asked to hand over their traveling documents to a local customs officer when they first set foot in the western hemisphere. The same can be said about all the other great explorers who ventured around the globe discovering exotic new places inhabited by uncivilised fierce savages unaware of anything good or Godly.  Please note, this way of describing people and places can still be read in historical documents today.

We are often informed and reminded all the great exploring heroes constantly placed their lives at risk during the discovery of new lands, all done in the name of progress. If I had been “discovered” all those years ago, I would not like being compared to Penicillin or any other finding during the course of history, and a little upset about the non-recognition of my existence.  The villagers would have had every reason to be hostile just for the fact they were being invaded and abused.

In the beginning of the “discovery,” most of the visitors were treated as guests by their hosts. The penny only dropped off the arrivals intentions when it was reasonably clear they were not content with just sharing the new found surroundings, but also wanted absolutely everything else that belonged to the original landowners. The guests then put their hosts to work with the privilege of being allowed  to breath a little longer. Those who survived the holocaust, killings, raping or plagues were stripped of their dignity and enslaved. 

With the comments above, it could be said that they alone give credence to why so many nations would want to erect barriers and prevent immigrants invading or just slipping in without an invite.  It would  also appear that many people and politicians have read and digested past facts and do not want to see history repeating itself and see the invaders being invaded. 

Many people who travel to different lands are normally escaping poverty, hunger and possible death, they do not leave because they just want to and  leave family and friends behind. They are doing just what the colonial ancestors did, who set out and discovered new places for a safer and better life for their families. The only difference today is that the present undocumented illegals who arrive will not attempt to enslave the state of Texas. 

Our own human adventure on this planet is brief and we should try to be as peaceful and mutually-supportive during this fleeting space of time.  History shows man is constantly on the move, which enriches and diversifies areas of colonisation. Denying children access to learning is like depriving fish from having water. Children must have the right to learn wherever they are, and preventing them from doing so is shameful. Calling people “aliens” is extremely offensive and dehumanises the human race.