Should College Professors allow their Students to Bring Laptops to Class – Yes

College professors are silly creatures. Some have beards and speak of their travels overseas. Others have fancy glasses and speak with such clarity that you begin to feel intimidated. And some are even funnier when they say, no, you can’t take a lap top to class because you will just be on Facebook or surfing that Twitter thing.

For any professor or instructor arguing that lap tops are a distraction in class and aren’t a resource for students, there is a simple solution for any real problem that might arise such as surfing YouTube videos and sending IM’s on social networking sites. All an instructor needs to do is ask for a copy of the student’s notes in class. If a student so chooses to use a lap top in class, that student must show the professor through an e mail the in class notes. If they can’t provide in class notes, then they obviously weren’t taking any.

Everything from this point is positive in regards to having lap tops in class.

Resource – A lap top is a resource for many students to broaden their learning. Most lap tops will have instant internet access. There have been multiple times when older generation instructors will try to reference material that is accessible online but they forget what they are talking about. Or sometimes they reference a music video or a famous person and need a reference. Sometimes instructors use big words. All of these things can be found and used in class with access to a lap top. Lap tops make great in class learning tools.

Note taking – Have you seen people’s hand writing? Ok my handwriting is terrible. With automatic spelling and spell check, most people can’t spell any more without the help of a computer. That and writing long hand is inefficient. The days of paper and pencil writing are slowly slipping away. It is slow to write long hand. You can take faster notes in a word document than you can on a regular piece of college ruled paper. Note taking with a lap top is far superior than writing long hand.

Organization – Lap tops offer a really easy way to organize lots of class notes. Most students now a days have lap tops. It would be easier for students to organize all their class notes onto a lap top than to have five separate notebooks for each class. In the future, it wouldn’t be that surprising if we never had to see paper print again. This is frightening to the paper companies, but don’t worry, there will always be tissues and toilet paper. I don’t want to wipe my butt with a computer chip. Unless it was Quilted Northern.

There is no logical reason why students shouldn’t use lap tops in class. Unless the instructor is lazy and doesn’t want to take a glance at everyone’s notes, there is really no good excuse.