Should i go Straight to College

There are many alternatives to attending college immediately after high school and many reasons why you would choose to do this. Before you make a decision you need to ask yourself the following questions; Where is it I see my life going? What would I study? What are the things I want to see and do in my life? If you are somewhat unsure of the answers to these questions then you probably aren’t ready to commit to college for four years. Do you want to study a subject for four years and then decide it isn’t the direction you want to take at all?

Many people who don’t go straight from high school to college become members of the work force. If this is your choice then it is important to stay proactive! Don’t begin a job and stay year after year plodding along and not achieving anything. By the time you realise what you haven’t been doing you will think it’s too late. If you are unhappy with the job you choose, keep at it until you find a better one. Try to move up the ladder, don’t remain stagnant. Many employers like the fact that you are gaining insight into the world before returning to school.

Take some vocational education. Just because you aren’t at college getting a degree it doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Young or old we should all be learning everyday. Improve your job prospects by improving vocational qualifications. Maybe you would like to teach Aerobics or do Management training? Going back to college with work experience and skill is always a positive. It shows that you haven’t just been sitting around and watching the world pass you by. Plus, it gives you more opportunity to find a better job when you finally do go to college.

Do some travelling or work abroad! Take six months out to work and travel in Australia, work at an American summer camp, travel Europe! All these are options to see the world and show a potential school or employer that you want to see and experience life. Travel always looks good on a resume! There is no better rounded individual than one who has seen what else the world has to offer. Seeing different countries and experiencing other cultures is a real eye opener!

Most importantly before you make a decision; make the choice for you! If you make a choice based on what your parents think or what all your friends are doing then it’s highly likely in six months time you will regret it. The most important decision maker in your life is you! Make a choice that will last and that you are ready for.