Should I go to college?

Colleges were created to provide lessons and instruction to men and women who want to learn specific information. Is college the best choice for you? That depends upon what your goals are and whether or not a college degree will help you to achieve your goals. Some people believe that everyone should go to college and that a person is destroying or stalling his or her future if the decision is made not to go to college. Don’t believe the pressure propaganda!  College is not the best and only route for everyone. Your reasons for choosing to go to college should be valid for your life and your career goals and not based. on other peoples’ opinions.

You should be going to college because that is what you want to do. Whatever you do, don’t pursue a college degree based upon a belief that having a degree will help you to gain other peoples’ respect. People should be respecting you because of how you behave and who you are; respecting someone solely based upon their educational credentials is shallow. Your reason for going to college should be based on your desire for deeper and more expanded education. A high school education can only provide you with so much knowledge and experience. College can help to prepare you for higher paying jobs.

If your goal is to pursue a career that requires specific academic degrees, then college is a must. If you want to work as a doctor you must graduate from medical school; there are no exceptions to that rule, and for good reason. Colleges provide the proper training that medical professionals need to properly care for and interact with patients. If a medical student does not pass the required tests at medical school, he or she probably should not be practicing medicine. A person’s health is very important, and only qualified professionals who have proven their abilities should be working in the health care field.

Of course, there are other professions that are also important; medical careers are not the only respected professions. Every legitimate job should be respected, but not all careers require college degrees in order to move ahead. What a college education can also provide is exposure to ideas and possibilities. Many colleges have student exchange programs that allow students to travel to other countries and complete part of their degree requirement studies in foreign lands. How else would you have the exciting opportunity to live and study in a foreign country if it were not for college? A college education does look good on a resume, and if you plan to work for an employer, your college credentials can help give you an edge over other job candidates.

Pursuing college is also helpful if you decide to start a business of your own. The lessons you learn from college can be applied to running and operating your own company, especially if you studied business management and marketing courses. College experience can give you an edge over your business competitors. College is an investment, and depending upon where you go to college and the degree program you are pursuing, college can be a very costly investment. It is perfectly reasonable and normal to question whether or not college is the right choice for you, especially when you are responsible for funding your entire education. Be sure to create a financial plan for how you are going to pay for your college education so that you can avoid taking on more student loan debt than you need to.