Should i go to University

Universities have long been considered to be necessary institutions to attend in order to receive higher education and increase career opportunities. People who want to work as doctors, lawyers, physicists, and school teachers must be university graduates, however, not every career requires a university education. A university is an institution where learning can take place, but it is not the only place where you can learn useful career and life skills. In order to decide if university is the right choice for you it is important that you examine your interests and abilities and choose career paths that line up with your choices.

Journalism can be studied in universities and it can also be studied in community colleges. Community colleges are educational institutions that issue Associate Degrees or diplomas to graduates who complete fewer years of study than university degrees require. In examining your decision about whether or not to study at university you need to keep in mind the amount of years required to earn a degree and whether or not you can afford to attend. It is also important to think about whether or not you have the patience to spend at least three or four years studying at university when you could spend fewer years studying the same subjects at community college. You should check the courses taught at the university you are considering attending and see if similar courses are taught at community college. If you would rather learn what you need to learn and save money at the same time, attending community college might be a better option for you. If however it is your dream to attend university despite the cost, pursuing university might be the best choice.

 Attending university should not be about the status symbol you think you will receive from earning a degree. Your time, effort, abilities, and money should all be the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not university will be worth it for you. It is impossible to know exactly what the future will hold, and if you believe that having a university degree will guarantee you a future job, you are taking a gamble. Many university graduates are having difficulty finding jobs due to the economic recession and huge competition from other university graduates. When everyone has the same educational credentials it is more challenging to stand apart from people who are vying for the same jobs you are applying to. You need to think about how you would be able to handle finishing school with student loans to pay back and limited job opportunities. If you are fortunate enough to pay for your post-secondary education without borrowing money, you still need to consider whether or not the thousands of dollars spent on university education will help you to achieve your goals. Jobs are not guaranteed and no matter how much money and time you spend for schooling you need to acknowledge to yourself that although earning a degree might help, you will only get a job based upon your efforts.

Plenty of smart people attend university and plenty of smart people do not attend university. University courses require a lot of dedication, studying, essay writing, and research. If you find those activities to be too overwhelming to commit to for at least three or four years, university might not be the best route for you to take. If you enjoy researching topics, writing essays and reports, and feel that university can provide the educational foundation that you are looking for, pursue that path. Check with your local universities and community colleges and request a tour of the locations. Touring a university and touring a college will give you more insight to which environment would be a good fit for you. Internet universities such as Athabasca University are also options to consider if your goal is to earn a degree but would prefer to schedule your studies around your work schedule. You can be successful whether you choose to attend university or not. Researching the features and benefits of universities, community colleges, and trade schools will help you make an informed choice about which path would be best for you.