Should i Work while in College

College students hope that they will find jobs quickly after graduating from their study programs, but it might be wise to pursue opportunities to work while in college. Pursuing college studies requires dedication and focus. If you are working too much, you may not have time to complete your class assignments. On the other hand, you need money in order to afford to attend college, and working is a good way to raise money without having to worry about paying it back. Student loans must eventually be paid back, and you might feel stressed out and worried if you don’t have any money coming in to pay back student loans that you have acquired. Here are some important pros and cons to consider about whether or not to work while in college:


Working during your college studies can help you to feel more motivated about your future. Most people attend college with the hopes of finding a suitable and fulfilling career after school is done. If the job that you choose to work at during college is one that you don’t find fulfilling in any way, then you might feel even more appreciative about your chosen field of study and work harder to leave drudgery jobs behind as you pursue your ideal career. Working during college can also help you to affirm whether or not your course that you are studying in college is one that you enjoy studying. If you get more enjoyment from working at your job than from studying your courses, then that is a clue that the school degree you chose to pursue is not right for you and you should consider changing your major. It is better to know early on in your college career whether or not to change majors so that you can make changes and not incur more expense than needed.

Another advantage to working during college is that you will have something to fall back on if your college studies don’t work out the way you hoped they would. Having a job during your college studies can give you peace of mind because you know that you will have some money to pay your car insurance and pay for your books once you get your next paycheck. Finding a job in your chosen field of study might be very difficult upon graduation because there will be many other graduates competing for the jobs that you are applying to. The job you work at during college can be a safety cushion for you as you apply for jobs in your field without feeling too worried because you already have an income stream to rely upon.


A disadvantage to working while in college is that your time is limited. Your employer might want you to work at a time when the company needs every employee to be available; however, the time they are asking you to work could be inconvenient to your study schedule. You will need to debate with yourself about whether school should be made a bigger priority to work and vice versa. Money is needed to pay for school, clothes, transportation, shelter, and medical care, and it is necessary to work in order to earn money and provide the things you need. Working and making money are important, but if your work schedule leaves you with limited time to study and complete your college courses that you invested your time and money in, you risk earning low marks and failing your course.

Another disadvantage to working while in college is the pressure you would be under from both sides; your employer and from your school. Your college professors will expect that your assignments are completed on time regardless of your personal and work commitments. Similarly, your employer will be counting on you to work according to the company’s needs. You might feel like you are being pulled in two different directions. Too much time spent at work can distract you from focusing on your studies. If you are considering working while attending college you should try to find a job that will give you some flexibility in choosing your work hours, if at all possible.

Achieving a healthy balance is important during your time at college. Overworking yourself can lead to not getting enough sleep. If your body is not well-rested, you will have difficulties concentrating on your work and on your school work. Working while attending college can certainly be done, however, you will need to be focused, organized, and dedicated to achieving your goals without having to sacrifice your health.