Should Job Corps Make Random Drug Testing Mandatory for Students

A definite YES! They should make random drug testing mandatory for students attending Job Corps! This opinion, is coming from a concerned Mother who has two teens enrolled in the program at one of the facilities in Texas. After seeing and hearing what kinds of things go on, I was not only astonished but disappointed and overwhelmed with worry. I found out that when a student first goes into Job Corps they are pretty much tested for anything and everything…stds, drugs, etc! If a student is found positive on their drug test they don’t immediately kick the student out, they put them on probation for a period of time and at the end of that time they are re-tested for drug use and if found to be positive again as I understand at that time they are kicked out of the program. Past that point, say if a student passed their second drug test, that student will not be tested again, therefore, if they wanted to use drugs again they know that they have no worry of being tested again.

My daughter told me that when walking on campus that there are certain areas on campus she has smelled a distinct smell in the air that didn’t smell like a normal cigarette. Both my daughter and son hear other students talk about drugs being easily available on campus. So for students that choose to live a drug free lifestyle, this is not fair to them to have to deal with this kind of unsafe environment. My son told me that he noticed that during bag check at security, they weren’t thoroughly checking their luggage, making it tempting for drug using students to sneak in illegal drugs. It’s time for crack down on illegal drug use period! Random drug testing would be a good start.

Ok, setting all of the bs aside, we know that with drug use comes violence, crime and the potential for sexually transmitted diseases! I was told by my son that the percentage of stds is 50% for the female population. How would you feel knowing that your child would be subjected to drugs and stds? Not very good at all I’m guessing!

Job Corps is to help students get ready for the real work world; that being said, then in the real work world many Companies require random drug testing for their employees. To cut down on hazards in the workplace, random drug testing is an awesome requirement by business owners. When an employee comes to work under the influence of illegal drugs, that employee not only puts themself at risk for on the job accidents, they put their co-workers at risk too! Random drug testing would crack down on those tempted to use illegal drugs in the workplace. Zero tolerance is what needs to be enforced at schools as well as in the workplace! We are talking about saving lives here, something needs to be put into place to help addicts get the help and assistance that they need to kick the habit for good and to start living a healthy lifestyle! Would you rather pass on drug use to the next generation or a healthy lifestyle? Seriously! Well my family’s choice is a healthy lifestyle. What’s your choice?