Should Universities End their Early Admission Programs – Agree

As much as this subject is close to me, as I got an early acceptance letter from UCLA, this admittance rule is not always fair for all students. Most of the time those students who have good grades and are also into all of the right extra curricular activities do not get into the schools that they are applying to and others end up getting early acceptance even though they applied somewhat later. This is a rule and is based on certain methods that not every student can follow and some schools cannot help a student fulfill of the requirements for this to happen and also make it easier for the student to get a good education. Most of the Universities that actually do look at all of the applications that they receive bear in mind that some students cannot or have not completed all of the necessary options to be able to stand out in their college application, however other schools more advanced, do not take the time to look at the region in which many of the students are applying from and only take in mind those from more prominent areas at the time. 

There are many students who lose out on the chance to make it into great schools, simply because the schools and the teachers do not push them to apply on time, and also to take in mind all of the deadlines that there are for any application process. This is something that many colleges and also Universities need to keep in mind at all times. Another thing that should make Universities end their early admission programs is knowing the fact that many schools do not finish at the same time and have a much harder time coming up with the students who want to go to their Universities. This is the main problem with most of the students that do want to go to a University and cannot, the schools have a different schedule and therefore students have a harder time preparing their applications on time as well. 

Most schools have changed their policies and allowed students to apply for other schools while still completing their minimum requirements at the same time, making it easier to make all of the application and turn them in at the same time, with all of the other students in most of the other schools and giving them more of a fighting chance to bring in more early acceptances.