Should you get your Masters if you have a Degree in English

If you have a English degree, should you also get a masters to follow up the degree? There are some times where you are going to want to have the masters degree, but there are also some times when getting your degree isn’t really all that meaningful after all. There are only so many career paths that you can take if you have an English degree, so sometimes having that masters helps.

When you get your degree in English you really have two career path choices. You can either be a teacher, or you can be a writer, and there aren’t many other things you can do specifically with an English degree. Sure, there are plenty of things that you can do just having a college degree in general, but if you are going for English you should be ready for either of those career paths.

If you are going to be a writer I say that you really don’t need to be hankering for your masters degree anytime soon. Being a writer is so much more about what you have done, and what you can show an employer. Writing is also so much more about ideas, and if you can sell yourself as something that can be marketable in the future.

If you are going to be a teacher then yes you will need your masters degree. Most states require it by now, and you should really get a masters because of the specialization that is unique to teaching. Most schools these days want you to be certified in special education, and won’t really consider you if you don’t have that certification. So go get your masters degree if you want to be a teacher.

Otherwise I would say that you should only get your masters if you feel like it will help you get closer to your dreams. Some career paths will ultimately require that you get a masters degree. I don’t think that having a masters degree is going to help you unless you are using a degree in English to give yourself a base of skills that you will use with something else that you go to grad school for.

If you are going to be a writer I say you don’t really need much schooling other than maybe a few business classes, and maybe a couple of writing courses. The rest is just experience and networking, but a masters is really not needed. If you are going for anything else you probably should at least consider it, but the decision is really up to you .